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6 Reasons to join a MoM club

6 Reasons to join a Mothers of Multiples Club

* This blog was originally written by Krista Vanderveren for Twin Love Concierge (See original article)
While the content is directed toward benefits of joining a mother's of multiples club, joining any mom club can result in the same benefits. Research, explore and get invoived in your community of moms!*

From the moment you heard the words “You are having twins (triplets, quads)!” You instantly joined this secret society of mothers of multiples. You were immediately put in a different category of motherhood. Your pregnancy will be different and be closely monitored, you are told to expect an early arrival, you are preparing for two or more babies to come home. Your friends and family are there for you, but they don’t get it like other moms of multiples do. 

Joining the local mother’s of multiples club was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I found a group of women who were going through life like me. All these women are raising multiple birth children and some of them with bonus singletons or multiple multiples. Finding a club that not only supports its members but your family as well. I didn’t join a club until my twin daughters were six months old. I have an older singleton and did the ECFE classes, mommy and me activities and I didn’t think I needed a club because I didn’t have time now, because I had three kids under 3. I was wrong. I wish I would have joined the club when I was pregnant and first stumbled upon the group online. 

Reason 1: Friendship- Raising multiples can be isolating. I have found that mothers of multiples want to make friends and they will welcome you with open arms. They want to make connections with women who are going through similar experiences as them. They are kind, generous and will be there for you no matter what. Motherhood can be isolating. But if you have someone who is checking in on you and able to share in your experience it will be a little less lonely. 

Reason 2: Playdates- Playdates are the best. Since both families are bringing two or more kids to the playdate, that guarantees the moms might get a moment to chat. Your children get to work on building friendships, sharing and playing with others. 

Reason 3: Meetings- Some mothers of multiples clubs offer monthly meetings. These meetings are different for every club. Meetings can be more of a dinner and social gathering or an educational opportunity. The club I belong to brings in a guest speaker each month to cover different topics that include parenting, relationships, financial planning, and safety. Meetings also guarantee you one night out a month without kids. 

Reason 4: Support- Clubs can offer a wide range of support for their members. Some offer meals when you or a family member is hospitalized. Others offer preemie closets, which borrow out preemie clothes for the short amount of time your multiples are in preemie size clothing. And other clubs have fundraising drives to support members during the holiday season.. 

Reason 5: Workshop- Some states offer workshops for all the mothers of multiples chapters. Each year the workshops are hosted by different clubs throughout the state. This is an opportunity for moms to relax, learn and refresh. There are spa sessions, parenting classes, shopping and time away with your girlfriends. 

Reason 6: Lifetime bond- The women you meet and become friends with will continue to be life long friends because of this amazing you bond you have as mothers of multiples. You will be there for each other when they experience their babies births, their first birthdays, first day of Kindergarten, high school graduation, sending them off to college. These women will be there to support you, encourage you, pick you up when you are feeling your best. The bonds you build with other mothers of multiples will continue on with you for the rest of your lives.

If you have not joined a local mothers of multiples club yet, the best way to find one in your area is to search on Google. Next, ask other moms of multiples you know. If you don’t know any mothers of multiples, stop one at the grocery store or the zoo. Facebook can be a great resource as well. There are national groups, local groups, sub groups of larger local groups. 

Find your tribe early in your multiples journey. If you already have multiples, take the time to reach out and start making connections. 


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