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Spring Fashion Preview

Jill and I recently traveled to Las Vegas for WWD MAGIC. If you are not familiar with Magic, it is a fashion market where buyers get to go and place orders, discover new brands and make connections with other boutique owners throughout the world. We spent some time at WWIN, PROJECT, POOL, and MAGIC. All these shows had a variety of vendors and products. From tops, dress and jeans, to shoes, bags and hats. The main focus of our trip was brand discovery. We have been going to Northstar Fashion market for three years now and we wanted to find some new brands to bring to our customers. 

Spring will be here soon and with the change in seasons bring bold fashion trends. We are seeing classic prints and colors with bold accents. Camo is a huge print for Spring. You can pair your favorite camo shirt with white bottoms for a vibrant Spring piece.

Snakeskin and cheetah print are huge for Spring and Summer. Do not be afraid to let these bold prints sneak into your wardrobe. Start with a little accent on your shirt and then transition to a full print dress. Trust me, you won't regret being bold this Spring.
I know you have a favorite graphic tee. You probably pair it with comfortable jean shorts or your favorite leggings. This season try pairing your favorite graphic tees with either a trouser pant or a pencil skirt. This will bring your favorite tee back to life and create the perfect combination of classy and casual. This look can be worn to work, a night out with friends, running errands. The options are endless for this bold Spring style. Transition into Summer pairing with trouser shorts and peep-toe booties. 

Tropical prints are here and I am loving it. Bold florals are not just for your beach vacations anymore. Bring them into your wardrobe on the regular. Vibrant daytime dress and fun blouses will bring a pop of color into Spring. Seen in the photo to the left, you can pair a bold tropical blouse with a solid skirt to create the perfect business casual look.

Other noted trends that we saw throughout market:
- Jumpsuits
- Wooden button details
- Vertical stripes in various widths
- Sandals with sneaker bottoms
- Mixing casual and dressy pieces today
- Pattern mixing
- Bold prints and patterns

This season, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Let your style show off your personality!

#StayChic ~Krista


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