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LEADERSHIFT- Adv. Reader Copy Review


We are living in world of Leaders, but are you ready to make the Leader Shift?

During one of my late night work sessions, I stumbled upon several book launches. I never in a million years thought I would get invited to participate in a book launch team let alone be involved in so many that are the perfect fit for my passions. The first book launch that I was honored to be a part of is LEADERSHIFT. 

John C. Maxwell is a fantastic author with a great mission and many year of experience. He is encouraging us all to make a LEADERSHIFT rather than focus on leadership. What is a leader shift you ask? Well, it is making an effort to support all those around you and help them to the top of the mountain with you. Being a leader you are doing just that, you lead the way. You pave the trail and tell others how you did it. By creating a leader shift, you are working with those around you to encourage, promote, pave the way together and help them achieve success along the way with you. 

You may ask why would you do that? The answer is simple. You must surround yourself with individuals who will be able to give their best while helping all those around them achieve success.

"The team doesn't play its best when its best player thinks its all about him."

The goal-orientated culture: 
1. Values achievement
2. Focuses on status
3. Honors privilege
4. Emphasizes the teacher
5. Target is arrival

The growth-orientated culture: 
1. Value development
2. Focuses on stretching
3. Honors serving
4. Emphasizes the student
5. Target is growth

Which culture would you cultivate? Goal-oriented or Growth-oriented

Are you a leader or are you making the leader shift?

If you don't live it, you don't believe it. -Paul Harvey

Later on, in the book, it focuses on career vs calling. I have heard so many say I chose this career, but are fulfilling your calling? What are you looking for in your life?

Your ego drives you, your calling draws you. What are you being drawn to? Are you being drawn away from your career? Here is a great breakdown of your EGO vs CALLING.

1. Fears not possessing something
2. Focuses on doing
3. Needs the anxiety to survive
4. Manifests as burnout
5. Focuses on the result
6. Wants to preserve self

1. Fears not expressing something
2. Focuses on being
3. Needs silence to survive
4. Manifests as fulfillment
5. Focuses on the process
6. Wants to impact others

Your calling is discovered through observation and reflection, through self-discovery and the unfolding of your life.

LEADERSHIFT makes you think about yourself in your leadership roles. Whether you are a CEO, Solo-entrepreneur, board member of a non-profit, a parent, teacher or someone in any type of leadership role. How are you using your skills and the skills of those around you to achieve the success and goals of the group?

Comment below on how you are going to make a leader shift in your life.

I may earn money from Amazon Affiliates mentioned below this post. As always, my opinions and sentiments are my own and I express them freely, regardless of sponsorship because I am passionate of what I share.

Leadershift is available February 5th, 2019. PRE ORDER NOW here.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

#StayChic ~Krista

*Thank you to John C Maxwell and his launch team for the opportunity to review this book and the advanced reader's copy.*


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